Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Little Love Story

There is a story told to us by a young priest from our diocese about true love in action. As I recollect, this is how the story goes:
One time, he came back to his hometown to pay respects to a departed relative. The dead was mother to a young man married to a young lady who used to work as secretary in their parish.

Now, after a while of stay in the survivor's house, the young priest noticed that the husband was saying a lot of weird things. At first it was thought that it was merely a play of jokes to console himself, but time came when he would say the weirdest of weird things, all out of nowhere, like: "Would you know how it happened that when I placed some strings on a platter and had it covered, when I opened, it already turned to pancit!"--It was like his thoughts have kept him in some insert of dimension we know nothing of that it became clear he was indeed spacing out and getting deranged.

This was further evident in every time they sat down together for coffee during breakfast and share some bits and pieces of wit and laughter. Also, the man cared less about the way his trousers go and so his shirt, and all about him was a mess.

All the other people who know the couple, would group together to discuss about how pitiful the wife is. Every so often they would visit her and talk her out, convincing her that she should leave the insane husband already.

They would tell her that she is still young and she is beautiful. She doesn't deserve any thing like her husband. She deserves to be happy and live a comfortable life with a man who can take care of her and provide for her needs.

But every day, the woman religiously does her tasks in that house. She gets up early and prepares good meals for the man. She cared for him like a child and respected him all the same as her husband. She did not hate him for becoming such. She would help him bathe and dress up and comb his hair when it gets into shambles. When at times people scoff at her, she doesn't give in to them and up till this time, they are still together as husband and wife as she simply shows them that she continues to be a faithful wife despite the husband's situation.

A very simple story indeed. In these times when the congress is busy discussing about legalizing divorce and annulment of marriages, it is inspiring for the Christian community to know that by the sanctity of marriage and virtue of true love, divorce is an unnecessary law.And as Father Joseph lays it out for us, this is just how the love of God is for man: an unconditional love.

It is interesting that the young wife stays by her husband's side. Could it be that the wife understands that there are events which happen beyond our comprehension, but there is nothing to worry, fret, or fear, because everything is sure to fall into their proper places when we put our trust in the Lord our God for He is Love and LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUE INTELLIGENCE? Maybe.

To think, what need does God have for man? Nothing. He has everything to Himself. He is the source of everything. He is the creator of the world. He is the giver of life. We cannot have faith if we are not in his subsistence. We cannot do anything without his providence and help. And yet he continues to love us. Despite our madness over worldly things, our madness at continually falling into sin and separating ourselves from the love of God, and still God seeks us, calls us, embraces us.

This is the Good News. The Kerygma that every heart touched by the Love of God, every soul moved by the Words of Life should announce to the world: GOD LOVED US WHEN WE ARE SINNERS.

He did not love us only when we have made steps to be come clean, to have our sins washed away by our baptism and renewal of faith.... he had already loved us from the beginning....

Let us remember, God is good to everyone be it a sinner or a saint, because GOD IS LOVE.

Posted by innocentthing at 2:14 PM Friday, February 27, 2009
Towards You: Walking from Darkness into the Light, one small step a day.
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Melee said...

That's a very sweet story!
I am so thankful for a God who unconditionally loves. :)

The Midnight Writer said...

Thank you, Melee.. ^_^

Taga Tiwi Albay said...

true love -- :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing love how can it be...
Amazing love I know it's true...
And it's my joy to honour You (God) in all I do.:-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. :)

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