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Bicol Culture and Arts is blessed with numerous cultural aspects sprinkled with the various artistic products of the Bicolano minds. Culture and arts are interwoven together resulting with a splendid display of prowess. These brilliant minds stem from countless years of molded knowledge and experience overflowing with wisdom and intelligence. That’s why they came up with  an idea to revive and celebrate the Bicolano heritage in the form of the Ibalong Festival.

The Ibalong Festival 2010 is a month-long celebration which will be held this month of October at Legazpi City. It is renowned among the non religious festivals in Bicol Region with more colorful events such as  Cultural Street Presentation, Art Exhibit, and Mutya ng Ibalong. The dates include the city patron, St. Raphael Archangel’s Feast Day, making the celebration even more colorful and eventful.

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The city’s main thoroughfare is turned into a grandiose strip of stage filled with a variety of cultural street dancing performances along with the presence of a thick border of spectators who eagerly watch the much awaited Cultural Street Presentation. Ibalong Festival 2010 contingents coming from the different parts of the Bicol Region portray their choreographed tribal dances and acts imitating the ancient heroes, villains and beasts that once again come to life in this year’s event, with their colorful costumes made out of indigenous materials like abaca fibers, bamboo shingles, etc.

Artes Bicol Express, a group of Bicolano Artists display some of their works at the 3rd Floor of Pacific Mall Legazpi in their annual Ibalong art exhibit of original pieces like: “Musikero”, an acrylic on canvas by Miguel Zuñiga; “Violet”, oil on canvas by Paul Durrant; “The Anti Faker”, mixed media on canvas by Troy Carretas; “Diwata”, a hand-built stoneware medium by Maricel Magdamit and other original pieces painted by local artists.

Young and beautiful ladies from all over the region will also be competing for this year’s much-coveted title Mutya ng Ibalong 2010. It is not only the artworks on display, but also the alluring beauty of the Bicolanas.

The other noteworthy events are the 21-kilometer Mayon Trail Run that aims to enhance our concern on environmental issues, the Bicol Food Festival that showcases the native delicacies in Albay, the Golf Tournament for the sports fanatics, and many more!

Ibalong Festival 2010 welcomes guests and participants, as the people of Albay look forward to the opportunity to impart warmth and goodwill and to promote cultural awareness to all people who want to witness and be part of this special cultural event.

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Minagayon said...

Check out the Ibalong 2010 Art Exhibit of CEBIKA at the 2nd Floor of Embarcadero de Legazpi Celebration Plaza.

Follow the link for teasers/spoilers!!

Like the page if you like it and leave a comment to let us know you were there! Happy fiesta Legazpi!

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