Wednesday, December 31, 2008

crossing the line

as the year ended, i am glad to know that i did win the heart of somebdoy i've always wanted to be friends with after all... although the arrangement isn't exactly what i had my mind set for, it turns out to be something already amazing. on one hand, i should be sad because of what has been revealed tonight. but on the other hand, being depended upon and trusted by a person who's a step short of being almost a stranger to me is certainly something that shook off whatever bit of indifference i had been reserving all these years. somehow, i am grateful tonight for i saw a side wall coming down....getting me back to the track of who and what i was before i allowed concrete realities to pile up around me and hinder my abstract vision from seeing marvels beyond, as the new year starts, i join this "new" friend of mine in prayer that whatever happens, may God's guidance and love prevail. This, and again, knowing that i am fortunate to have such a family and a caring bestfriend is indeed the most memorable bit of my new year's eve of 2009. ^^,

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

::QuickPost 101:: imparting the wisdom of the ages in a jiffy

there are a hundred and one reasons laid out by pushers of the so-called "reproductive health bill" which aims to have a law enforced by the government propagating the use of drugs (such as contraceptive pills), devices (like condoms & IUD's), measures, methods, and the likes (whatever else they could think of) which would prevent the development of the embryo to a fetus who will be born as a baby and would inhabit in this world.

the church, especially the cbcp continuously take action against the passing of this bill. pro-life movers and concerned citizens also impart in the battlecries to protect and promote life.

i've heard a thousand arguments, taken part and been an audience to discussions about this issue.... and of all the many that i've listened to, there is this one outstanding point raised by Mamu (the auxiliary bishop of Legazpi, Msgr. Liloy Quiambao), especially in the use of contraceptive pills and condom which in the repro health bill the parents are supposed to give to their children (otherwise they are to be punished under the law), roughly i quote here:

cells are the smallest blocks of life. is it not that the ovum or egg and the sperm are cells?
the egg has life. so has the sperm. like a full human being, they must die a natural death. should anybody initiate the cessation of life, it is homicide. murder. contraceptive drugs attack this cells and kill them. condoms and IUD's interefere in the course of nature and brings about an instigated death to these cells. what is it? murder.


if the government is afraid of overpopulation's bad effects, encourage people to love nature, love the countryside. only the metro's and the urban areas are jampacked with people....the beautiful countries are almost bare. teach the people a good attitude towards hard labor, encourage farming. our land is rich and fertile. let the people reflect, where are the precious values handed to us by our forefathers--faithfulness, love of family, the bayanihan....

for me, the repro health bill is a good draft for a bill that will subvert it:

sanction those who would be found possessing contraceptives of whatever form--- they are the problem of our society>>adulterers, philanderers, murderers, sloths, people who refuse to take responsibility of their actions, people who do not accept God 's will (if they are like these, do you think they would even listen to the government? so i doubt.)<<

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cappuccino Express

After all the boredom of a non-laborer, something worth the running has finally come along my path, and I THANK GOD SO MUCH for this privilege I'm starting to enjoy.

Many of you have known me for being that aspiring young writer but very few of you must have known that I wanted to be a space scientist when I was way I realize that even fewer seem to know what dreams my heart desire most to come true...well maybe because I also didn't bother much about owning it...I have in the past contented myself at only wishfully gazing....and somehow, somewhere along the roads I've been to, that dream had been set aside too often it's gotten very close to being unremembered....but these past few days, that dream revealed itself to me so suddenly like a resurrection of sorts and though I may not yet be ready to tell the world in words, I know I'm ready to show the world that I have that dream and with and by the grace of the Lord, I trust that the next episodes of this life are all full of promise.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not everything is possible to God.

What is impossible to God?
Not that which is difficult to His power,
but that which is contrary to His nature.

-- St. Ambrose of Milan

........i'm just another writer still trapped within my truth........

i have forgotten about what it is to write...
to catch that in-between the silence and the heart’s beating…
and go about that divide which separates shadow from the ground…
Writing, my first love!
and so, i write. répondez s’il vous plaît.

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naling'wan ko na kun pa'no an mag surat...
kun pa'no mahagilap an uya sa tahao kan kasilenciohan asin pag-ibot kan puso...
buda malakop iyan na nagbabanga sa anino asin daga...

An Pagsurat, sakuyang enot na pagkamoot!
biyo logod, ako minasurat. magsimbag ka.

"Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith."

* * *

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