Tuesday, June 29, 2010

finding my corner in your life

In this world, there is more hunger for affection than food, and having to find good friends is like finding some place to feed the heart's hunger.

In each friendship,  we find a place by which we can share with our friends the things that we get in life whether it be good or bad or whether it is what we want or what we are served by the master chef.

there are as many friendships in life as there are many food chains and bistros in this place. but no matter how classy the restos business talks bring you, or no matter how fab places where you and your work colleagues go to after a long week at the office, there arent perhaps too many nooks or hubs with which real friends continue to be the happiest people to enjoy meals with.

fast food friends are easy to come and easy to go but are also easy to find that it doesnt hurt so much when one cant seem to be found, there is always another one nearby.

the homier bistros and cafe's are the sorts you know are just somewhere out there and will always be there for you. with them you are calm and can be so who you are and when you feel like you need to change a few things about you, still it's the same old place where you find your self and slacking down a couch to listen to the familiar tunes of your life.

and maybe, the ones to cherish the most are the people with whom you can go eating with under the comfort of their own homes, if not, beneath the open skies, or wherever life brings you. Even if it's just a pack of sandwiches, a piece of bread, or some warm soup, it's the feeling of having the world around you that makes it a happy and worthwhile moment.

With these people, you can talk about things that may or may not so much matter in life and they will either laugh with you or kick your butt and knock your head off for being so silly and yet they make you happy because they are the people who tickle your fancies and fancy your tickles.

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........i'm just another writer still trapped within my truth........

i have forgotten about what it is to write...
to catch that in-between the silence and the heart’s beating…
and go about that divide which separates shadow from the ground…
Writing, my first love!
and so, i write. répondez s’il vous plaît.

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naling'wan ko na kun pa'no an mag surat...
kun pa'no mahagilap an uya sa tahao kan kasilenciohan asin pag-ibot kan puso...
buda malakop iyan na nagbabanga sa anino asin daga...

An Pagsurat, sakuyang enot na pagkamoot!
biyo logod, ako minasurat. magsimbag ka.

"Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith."

* * *

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